Bleach Is Not Always The Best Option for Mold

Don’t Use Bleach To Remove Mold

If we talk about mold removal at home, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind? Certainly, it would be bleach. There are a number of people who keep on cleaning the mold colonies in their houses with bleach and believe that it is an effective remedy for the spores. However, they fail to understand that it might not be the best way to kill the mold spores. Bleach can affect the surfaces significantly and can lead to discoloration and even degeneration of the surfaces where it has been applied. Additionally, bleach will not always be giving you the best results in mold remediation.

The homeowners who are facing mold growth issues often act on their impulses and make sure that they get a strong bleach to kill off all the molds from the home. This usually does not work really well and the people have to call the professionals in order to get the right remediation processes completed in their homes. Of course, bleach will be killing off most of the mold colonies but they will not be killing off the molds entirely and this is why mold keeps on returning each time. As a result of this, the problem of mold overgrowth keeps on worsening by the day. Let us first understand that bleach is a very effective chemicals and it kills off bacteria quite efficiently. It is almost always used as the most effective cleaner in the household. Bleach can work really efficiently on surfaces that are porous and hard like tiles, metals and even counter tops.

In the case of non-porous substances like a drywall, concrete or even wood, bleach should be the last option that you must take. The structure of bleach makes it hard for the chemical to penetrate deep into the substance because of which it becomes difficult for it to clean the area effectively. Deep rooted mold, thus, becomes a huge problem for the bleach. You might be able to clean the surface mold with bleach but the real problem might still lie behind. Moreover, people use bleach mixed with water. Water might even make the molds grow even further. The odor of this chemical is also quite pungent and unpleasant. It can easily irritate your eyes and your skin and might even get inside your lungs. Therefore, it would be better to call a professional or use alternative materials like vinegar in order to remove mold.